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Agar-agar is extracted from the cell walls of certain algae species from East Asia and is a vegan binding agent. Gold Cup White Agar-Agar Powder is an excellent gelatin substitute, which is color neutral and tasteless. Use White Gold Cup Agar-Agar Powder as a binding agent for your sauces and for the preparation of jams, jellies or puddings. Ingredients: agar (E407), coloring agent (E133, *E102). *coloring agent E102 may have an adverse effect on the activity and attention in children. Storage conditions: store cool and dry. Nutritional values: Energy 59kJ/14kcal Fat 0g. Of which saturated fat 0g. Carbohydrates 1g. Of which sugars 1g. Protein 3g. Salt 0g.
Size 25 g
Best before date 25/01/2023