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Exotic Food originated as a vision of two brothers and sisters who both had an affinity for Thai food. She dreamed that their dishes from Thai cuisine were prepared with love in restaurants and households around the world. In 1999 the brand Exotic Food was founded with the sale of a limited amount of items. Exotic Food only uses the best ingredients produced by local farmers and is packaged in a sleek and modern packaging. Bean sprouts actually consist of sprouting mung beans. Bean sprouts have a crisp refreshing consistency and a relatively neutral taste. To maintain the crispness, bean sprouts should not be added before the end of the cooking time in stir-fries such as fried noodles. Exotic Food Bean Sprouts are excellent for soups, salads and spring rolls. Bean Sprouts of Exotic Food in brine are rich in minerals and vitamins A and E
Size 340 g
Dry contents 180 g
Best before date 14/02/2026