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These spicy noodles by Samyang have a great black bean sauce taste. More

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Savour the refreshing heat of kimchi in this big bowl of hot instant ramyun noodle soup. Ready in just 3 minutes with hot water, the firm bite of these ramen noodles is soaked in rich soy and mustard flavour, making its pungent spice perfect for spice lovers who enjoy a sumptuous aromatic taste. Topped with crisp Chinese cabbage, bok choi and a sweet kick of garlic, this ramen is a tasty pick me up for those tingled by the peppery succulence of Korea's favourite side dish. Made in Korea. Ingredients: noodles: wheat flour (usa), potato starch, palm oil, salt, acidity regulator : e339, e500, e501, tocopherol liquid (antioxidant: e306, emulsifier: e322 (contains soy )), seasoning (yeast extract, soy sauce, garlic, wheat starch), green tea extract (oligosaccharide, tea catechin), colour : e101, soup powder: seasoning (maltodextrin, hydrolyzed vegetable protein ( soy , wheat ), salt, yeast extract, mustard oil), salt, sugar, spices (maltodextrin, garlic, glucose, black pepper), flavour enhancers : e631, e627, acid : e330 , thickener e412, caramel powder (maltodextrin, colour : e150c), vegetable flakes: kimchi flake 1% (chinese cabbage, garlic), bok choy, carrot, green onion,
Size 100 g
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