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Katsuobushi is a traditional Japanese source of umami flavor. Also, known as bonito, katsuobushi is prepared using a drying and smoking method involving skipjack tuna fish. The dried smoked skipjack tuna flakes are ideally used as essential ingredients in Japanese miso soup, especially as part of dashi soup stock. Here you find Wadakyu brand Katsuobushi bonito flakes in a 40g packet. Katsuobushi is a flavour balancer, and thus is frequently clubbed with several Japanese traditional recipes, especially in tofus, ramans, takoyakis and okonomiyakis. The katsuobushi flakes are derived from katsuobushi blocks (or dried and smoked skipjack tunas) through a process that resembles a shaving procedure. Nutrition: Per 100g Salt: 0.3g Protein: 80.6g Fat: 5.2g Energy: 369kcal Carbohydrate: 0.1g Ingredients: Skip Jack Tuna (100%)
Size 40 g
Best before date 30/09/2023