Metric Ingredient
180 g fried tofu - cut into squares
60 ml oyster sauce
60 ml water
10 g ginger, finely sliced
10 g spring onion, chopped
10 g fresh coriander - coarsely chopped, washed, roots trimmed

Cooking Time: 9 mins

Serves: 3

Main Ingredients: Tofu

Cooking Style: Fried, Steamed

Collection: Budget meals

Difficulty: Beginner


1.In a bowl, combine Mama Sita’s Vegetarian Oyster Sauce, water, and half of the sliced ginger. Mix well.
2. Place the fried tofu pieces onto a shallow bowl which can fit inside a steamer, and pour in the Vegetarian Oyster Sauce mixture.
3. Steam for 5 minutes.
4. Remove from steamer and garnish with coriander, spring onions, and the remaining sliced ginger. Serve.