See if you are among one of the lucky winners!

Prize Number
1. Yellow 98
2. Green 46
3. Green 140
4. Green 33
5. Blue 8
6. Blue 20
7. Yellow 180
8. Yellow 17
9. Green 213
10. Blue 114

Prizes for the winners are following:

1st prize: One year supply of 18 kg jasmine rice or voucher for 3 000 CZK

2nd prize: One year supply of soy sauce Silver Swan, Datu Puti Vinegar and Magic Sarap seasoning or voucher for 1 500 CZK

3rd prize: One year supply of Mang Tomas mild sauce, banana sauce and Balayan fish sauce or voucher for 1 000 CZK

4th prize: 4x Boy Bawang corn snack with lechon manok flavour 4x Adobo flavour, 4x chilli cheese flavour,

4x garlic flavour or voucher for 500 CZK

5th prize: 2x golden bihon noodles, 2x pancit canton noodles, 2x pancit bihon seasoning mix, 2x chopseuy pancit,2x sardines in chilli tomato sauce, 2x sardines in tomato sauce or voucher for 450 CZK

6th prize: 2x Mr. Chips cheese nachos, 2x roller coaster potato rings, 2x nova country multigrain snack, 2x piattos cheese flavour,

2x chippy barbecue, 2x chippy chilli cheese,  or voucher for 400 CZK

7th prize: 1x Skyflakes in a box,1x Fita crackers, or voucher for 350 CZK

8th prize: 3x each flavour of lucky me noodles pancit candon original, oriental guisado bihon, chilimansi, chili, chicken, calamansi

or voucher for 325 CZK

9th prize: 4x drink Mogu mogu coconut, 4x lychee, 4x strawberry or voucher for 275 CZK

10th prize: 1x buttercream crackers, 1x chococream crackers, 1x SkyFlakes Chocolate Cracker, 1x skyflakes condensada or voucher for 250 CZK